Couples and Relationships

Your Relationship: Take Action for a Happier Life Together
Do you have challenges in your relationship that you wish you could change but you don’t know where to begin? Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. It takes courage to reach out for help to make positive changes in the life you share with the person closest to you.

The Two of You Don’t Have to Face Your Relationship Challenges Alone
A trained psychotherapist can offer another perspective on issues in your relationship and strategies to overcome the difficulty. And you and your spouse or partner can share the emotional burden of any difficult or overwhelming challenge with me while getting the support and direction you need to help make a positive change. With compassion, neutrality, and strict confidentiality, I can help each of you to clarify and express difficult feelings in a safe and respectful setting, and I can help you both to better understand how each person impacts the other as we all work to find the best path forward for your relationship.

Finding Solutions that Work for You
As a psychotherapist, I understand that each couple is unique and requires solutions that work in the context of their life. I can help you and your spouse or partner to identify the solutions that best suit your personalities, your circumstances, and your lifestyle.

Get Unstuck
If you and your spouse or partner are feeling stuck, stressed, or confused by issues that have come up in your relationship, working together I can help identify the ways that you can both best move forward together toward clarity, calmness, and renewed hope.

Why Psychotherapy?
Making meaningful and lasting changes in your relationship can be challenging. Psychotherapy is always uniquely tailored to the individual couple and is a method that has been proven to be successful. Psychotherapy is a licensed healthcare practice and is covered by many health insurance policies.

What to Expect
The first step is contacting me. During our initial phone contact, the contact person and I will spend 10-15 minutes reviewing the issues that are currently troubling to the relationship. During this conversation, which is always free of charge, a time for you and your spouse or partner to meet with me in my office for our initial session will be determined. During our initial session, we will all discuss your current situation in greater depth, and determine the fee for psychotherapy sessions and schedule future sessions.

Once your therapy begins, we will explore your relationship’s special circumstances and the challenges you both are facing. We’ll work together to identify practical ways for you to make meaningful and lasting changes. I will help you and your spouse or partner to clarify your thoughts and your feelings, and together we will all identify specific ways of moving forward that will be comfortable and realistic.


  • Marital/Partner Issues
  • Family Conflict
  • General Relationship Issues
  • Parenting Challenges
  • Caregiver-Related Issues