Therapy for Depression

Are You Struggling with Depression?
Are you finding that it’s difficult to shake-off that sad, “down” feeling in spite of being busy at work, having down-time at home, or even while you’re in the the company of friends and loved ones? Are you finding it difficult to get motivated, and that you’re experiencing painful thoughts of sorrow, guilt, regret, or worthlessness? Getting started on your way toward overcoming depression might be the hardest part, and it takes courage to reach out and find that kind of professional support that can help you feel more hopeful and positive.

Your Challenges with Depression: Don’t Face Them Alone
With the help of a trained and licensed psychotherapist, you can share your challenges with depression while getting the appropriate support for positive changes to take place. With compassion, sensitivity, and strict confidentiality, I can help you understand your current challenges with depression, I can help you gain insight into the experiences in your life that may have contributed to your difficulties with depression, and I can provide you with the support that can help you overcome your depression.

Finding Solutions that Work for You
As a licensed psychotherapist with experience treating depression, I understand that each person is unique and requires solutions that best suit their unique personality and circumstances. I can help you navigate the challenges that you are facing, and identify strategies that can best lead to your positive outcome.

Why Psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy that is uniquely tailored to the individual person has been clinically studied and is proven to be successful. Psychotherapy is a licensed healthcare practice and is covered by many health insurance policies.

What to Expect
The first step is contacting me using the contact form on this page. During our initial phone contact, you and I will spend 10-15 minutes reviewing your current difficulties with anxiety. During this conversation, which is always free of charge, we can arrange a time to meet in my office for your initial session. As part of the initial session, you and I will discuss your life and challenges in greater depth, and we’ll discuss the fee for psychotherapy sessions, and we’ll schedule your future sessions.